Audrey has been begging me to paint peace signs on the walls of her bedroom. After we moved in I painted a border of butterflies around her room. It took a couple of weeks working on it for about an hour or so whenever I had a chance. Not that I wouldn’t do anything for Audrey, but I was NOT looking forward to spending more endless hours painting peace signs. Then I found some wall stickers at A slew of peace signs in multiple sizes & colors, words like “peace” and “smile”, smiley faces, flowers, polka dots and even her name for $30 +shipping! They came in the mail yesterday (in a 5-foot long cardboard tube that we’re going to try to convert to a scratching post for Piglet). It only took about 15 minutes for us to put them up on her walls. They’re removable and repositionable and we both think they look totally cool! And she didn’t even want me to paint over her butterflies.

Audrey mastering the art of wall sticker application

The biggest peace sign of them all!