This is Audrey’s newest Webkinz: Piglet. She has been wanting it for a really, really long time but her mean ol’ Mommy & Daddy wouldn’t get it for her. Why? Because they can’t/won’t pay for ANOTHER Webkinz a.k.a. “Crack for Kids.” Plus, this one is a “SIGNATURE Webkinz.” What does that mean? It’s means it’s bigger than the standard Webkinz so they can jack up the price.

ANYWAY! Mike’s mom came over after school today to watch Audrey for a couple of hours so I could stay at work a little longer. While I was at work, I received a voice mail from her saying she and Audrey were out shopping and that they should be home before I got home. Here’s what went through my head: Audrey showed Linda her recent math assessment test (which she got a perfect score on) and Linda decided she deserved a special award for doing such a good job. What actually happened: Audrey somehow got Linda to go to Gordman’s where they just happen to sell Webkinz. You know how the story ends. In a nutshell? You can’t be mad at Grandma!