I apologize for the delay in getting a post up about our Spring Break trip this year. It’s taking me a little longer to get back into my daily routine than I anticipated…anyway, excuses aside, here goes!

We packed up and flew to San Antonio for Spring Break this year. We had 3 days of beautiful 75-degree sunshiny weather! The first day (and only cool, rainy day) we spent in downtown San Antonio’s River Walk. Shops and restaurants galore (and lots of pigeons)! Unfortunately the boat rides were not open because of the less-than-favorable weather which was fine because there wasn’t anything more we would’ve seen that we hadn’t already seen on foot!

The 2nd day was perfect and we spent it at Sea World. The free shuttle from our hotel was heaven sent! We started our day off by feeding dolphins! It was pretty hard to top that, but the beluga whale/white-sided dolphin show was really good, too (even though the finale included about 4 huge parrots flying free over the crowd). The most impressive show (in my opinion) was the orca show. It just amazes me how those big animals can leap out of the water the way they do! The highlight of the trip for Mike was the dolphin feeding and Audrey’s was this river raft ride we waited in line 1 1/2 hours for! Of course it was probably her favorite because Mike side of the boat that went under the waterfall we passed by!

On our 3rd day in San Antonio we decided to go to the zoo. They had a new “Africa Live” exhibit – which included the wonderful birds of Africa. Just outside the Africa exhibit was the “Cranes of the World” area. Oh yeah, there was also an area for flamingos, ostriches, the common wood duck, weird peacock-looking birds who had “hairy” feathers, bald eagles and vultures to name a FEW! My favorite was the Okapi. What a cool name and mixed-up looking animal!