Some of you may think this is cute but as the parents of the 7 year-old in the picture, it’s out of control. Audrey has been crying that she really wants the new St. Patrick’s Day bear from Build-A-Bear. She always needs the newest whatever from Build-A-Bear so I figured enough was enough. We wrangled all of the animals she had received (as a purchase or gift) and came up with TWENTY!!! Of course this is minus the Elmo Build-A-Bear that now lives at Audrey’s cousin Emily’s house. One down, 20 more to go! Oh, and they all have names.

Let’s see if I can remember them all (L-R): CUDDLE, Star, HEART, Treats, BOO, CREAM, PINK SPOT, MAX, Brown Sugar Pup, Sparkles, PINKY, Peace, GIGGLE, Alvin, FLUFFY, Hello Kitty, Pumpkin, Frosty, WHISKERS, Purply. I’ll show Audrey this post tomorrow and have her insert all of the correct names for me. I guess I didn’t know as many as I thought I would!