I’ve recently finished reading two books that I believe will both change my life. The first book is Food Rules by Michael Pollan.  A book of 60+ guidelines to follow for healthier eating. They are common sense things like: put down your fork between bites, avoid the center of the grocery store (that’s where all the processed foods are), food delivered through your car window isn’t healthy and to enjoy everything in moderation.

The second book is The Shack by William P. Young. I have to admit I only read it because the Women’s Group I’m in at church was discussing it. I mentioned the book to a couple of my coworkers who both agreed it was an excellent book (along with a few of my friends on Facebook). It’s a book about a man who suffers a great loss. He receives a note that invites him to relive his nightmare and re-evaluate his faith.

Both books were very good. The first for my body, the second for my spirit (sorry for sounding “born again”). They both really made me think about some small changes in my life that will make a big difference.