One VERY cold winter about 10 years ago a Soup Group was born. I was a proud member along with a few other women I worked with. Every Thursday one of us brought in soup & a dessert for lunch. A few months ago during a team building session at Bagolitas called “Souper Tuesday” Janice brought in soup for everyone. I suggested we make it a weekly thing. Maybe it was a desperate attempt at curing my everlasting homesickness for Milwaukee. Nonetheless, a sign-up sheet was posted and we’ve been having weekly soup lunches ever since! This week was my week. I searched and searched for a not-to-expensive recipe to make (I love my co-workers but not THAT much). I decided on my mom’s recipe for Won Ton Soup. VERY economical but a little labor intensive. As luck would have it, I had to postpone my soupage until Thursday because of a crazy week at work. Here are some pictures of my Won Ton Progress (I’ve been inspired by many foodie blogs to start taking pictures of my kitchen adventures):

I told Audrey the Won Tons were supposed to look like someone praying but she said it looked like a baby wrapped in a blanket. I guess her description is closer except for a baby in a blanket it’s yummy pork & shrimp filling wrapped in a Won Ton wrapper!