My sister had an extra ticket to go see Anthony Bourdain at the Riverside Theater last Saturday. She she knows I’m almost as much as a foodie as she is, so I jumped at the chance to go. The tickets were purchased through the Bartolotta restaurant group and included dinner at Bacchus before the show. The 4-course dinner menu was pre-set: 1st – scallops with champagne sauce; 2nd – goat cheese and potato gratin; 3rd – roasted veal short ribs; 4th – poached meringue in  creme anglaise (I think it’s really called “floating island” or something in french but I can’t remember right now). All the recipes were pretty good – my favorite was the scallops – and taken from Anthony’s Les Halles Restaurant.

We had 12th row seats for the show which was 90-minutes of Anthony talking about who he likes/doesn’t like and what he really thinks about McDonald’s. This was followed by a short question & answer period. If the question & answer period were permanently erased from my memory I would not be sad. Being someone who takes pride in saying I’m from Milwaukee I was quite embarrassed at the stupid questions asked by the intoxicated foodies in the audience.

After the show, to avoid being stuck in the mad traffic rush back home, we went to Mo’s Irish Pub across the street from the theater. Part of the reason for choosing this pub was Anthony Bourdain’s answer to what his favorite drink EVER was (those of you who watch his show know he never turns down a drink). He replied “Guinness in Dublin.” My sister takes this one step further and says the best Guinness is one that you pour yourself on the rooftop of the Guinness brewery. Bragger. Anthony said the further away from Dublin you are, the less good it tastes. Milwaukee is quite a few miles away from Dublin but I think it still tasted okay. I wouldn’t know because I had a Blue Moon.