My sister, Andrea, heard about the holiday tradition of “Elf on the Shelf” so she sent one to Audrey. It’s a little toy elf that came with a book. The elf sits somewhere in the room to watch over the children of the house. Every night the elf (which Audrey named “Quiz”) flies up to Santa to report if Audrey’s been naughty or nice. The next morning he sits in a different spot and she’s supposed to find him. She’s totally duped by the whole thing. She keeps watching Quiz and waiting for him to blink. Even when I took the picture for this post she asked, “Let me see the picture. Did he blink yet?” She even draws pictures for Quiz to take to Santa (like this drawing of “Roodof” in the picture on the right) and also cut out a paper snowflake. I wish I were 7 years-old again.