pigletWe brought home little Piglet yesterday! The animal shelter wasn’t going to process our application until EVERY (human) family member had been in to meet Piglet so Mike passed up going to the Iowa/Northwestern game (which later proved to be a wise choice) so he could make the trip to the shelter with Audrey and I. One of the volunteers at the shelter started asked us if we were going to take Piglet home right then. I looked at her and said that I thought it would take 24 hours of consideration by the shelter to decide if we were fit to be her owners or not. She suggested we ask the adoption coordinator anyway. Sure enough, they were going to let us bring her home. The technician who cleaned up Piglet for us before sending her on her way let it “slip” that they were having a hard time finding other cats that would get along with Piglet’s “strong personality.” We giggled and figured she’d be a good match for our dogs!  Then we started looking back at all the other comments made during our visit and came to the realization that they were probably MORE than excited to see us walk out the door with Piglet. Long story short: There’s a sucker born every minute!