A few months ago Audrey decided she wanted a hamster. I was almost sold on the idea until I went to PetCo with her and stood in front of the hamster cages for 10 minutes and started to get grossed out. The thought of cleaning out the cage every week made me slightly ill and then there was the worry of what happened if it got loose. Snack time for Leo! And who was going to take it out of the cage? Ick. In my moment of weakness I told Audrey I’d rather get a kitty and deal with my allergies. Well, this afternoon we made a trip to the Iowa City Animal Shelter and Piglet062210filled out an application to adopt “Piglet.” I was asked all kinds of questions like: What would you do if the cat stopped urinating in its litter box? How would you keep the cat from scratching the furniture? What if it kept you up at night? Will you have it declawed? Will you let it outside? What if you have to move? We’ll see if we even pass the application process. I don’t think we’ll find out until Monday at the earliest. It’s only a few days away but to Audrey it might as well be the year 3079. We tried to adopt a dog a couple of years ago from the animal shelter and were not chosen. Who knows if they even think we’re fit to have a cat. A little hamster isn’t looking so bad right about now.