Friday afternoon Mike and I “Escaped to Wisconsin” to see the Badgers play the Hawkeyes. We took advantage of the trip to Madison to reconnect with some college friends, Nick & Darylnn, who now live there. They tried to send us home with their Puggle named “Marlo.” He really is a nice dog despite all the things they said about him. The four of us ventured onto State Street for dinner, shopping and drinks just in time for the tail end of the homecoming parade madness. We crammed 6 years of catching up into one evening!

Saturday morning we met my brother in-law and my sister’s boss (along with our tickets) across from Camp Randall Stadium for some pre-game beers. Fortunately, the pre-game festivities delayed our entry into the game which meant we missed the Badger’s best moments. Once we sat down it was all Iowa. Good for Mike, bad for me. The weekend was fun and exhausting. It would’ve been better with a Badger win to break Iowa’s winning streak but oh well. We’ll get ’em next year!