stoddardsxmasThis is my sister in-law, Kim, and her 2 boys: Derek (L) and Jeffrey (R). Kim has been fighting cancer for close to 12 years now and it’s finally learning all her tricks that used to keep it at bay. Every time I see a pink ribbon (or anything pink for that matter) I think of Kim and her courageous fight. A co-worker of mine recently gave me a crochet pattern for can/coffee koozies which I “whipped up” during the car ride to Kim’s house last Saturday. (Sorry, no pictures.) You’ll have to take my word for it that Kim loved them and found that they could do double-duty as sweatbands! Kim is also my crafty partner in the family. We’re always showing each other our latest creations. Saturday she brought out her overwhelming assortment of beads and tried to teach me how to create a keychain. It turned out okay. I think I need to go back for another visit and practice some more.jeffandrex

As with the rest of the Bunten clan, Kim and her boys love dogs and have three of their own. One in particular really stole Audrey’s heart: his name is “Rex” (pictured here with Jeffrey). He’s one of the sweetest dogs ever and got Audrey to actually forget about Leo during our visit!

My thoughts and prayers go out to Kim every single day! She’s the reason I wear pink. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which, if I had to share “The Month of Cynthia” with any awareness, it would definitely be this one) I ask you to do the same at least one day. For Kimmy.