pumpkinA few weeks ago my mother in-law told me there was a pumpkin shortage anticipated for early fall. I rushed to two local grocery stores to find the shelves full…of canned sweet potatoes. Blech. I didn’t even NEED any canned pumpkin (which I learned isn’t necessarily 100% pumpkin) but I was going to show someone, anyone, I could get pumpkin puree without the use of a can opener. Let the internet search for a recipe begin (thanks to the joint effort of my friend Amy)!

During a routine trip to Menards today I noticed they had several “pie pumpkins” for sale so I snatched up a few at the low-low price of 97-cents each. I got home to find 2 of the 3 were rotten inside. Note to self: don’t buy produce at a lumberyard. I ended up getting enough pumpkin “meat” out of the 1 that wasn’t rotten (mixed with an acorn squash I had lying around) to make 2 loaves of pumpkin bread…one of which I will give to my father in-law, who has been craving it, for his birthday (gotta get some good daughter in-law points in!). Don’t worry, Chuck. I’ll test it first and if it’s no good I won’t pawn it off on you…I’ll bring it to work!