Friday night we went out with 2 other couples to celebrate all of us having anniversaries in September. One couple was celebrating their 2nd anniversary, and the other their 6th. Mike and I were the oldy-weds celebrating #11. The sushi was delicious – as always for the restaurant but I could’ve used another martini!

Saturday was the Iowa Hawkeye vs. Arizona Wildcats football game. I saw the mascot name “Wildcats” and got my hopes up that maybe Troy and Gabriella would be there. No such luck. We tailgated with friends before, watched the Hawks pull off another victory and came home exhausted (see above paragraph about being old).

Wedding photos were emailed to me Saturday night from Mike’s sister. No message, just pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever been notified of a couple’s marriage that way before. Definitely not a fan of it. Note to those with wedding bells in your future: People would like to hear from you (by phone or in person) that you’ve gotten married. If you MUST make the announcement by emailing pics at the least include a nice little message. πŸ™‚