Every once in a while my neighbor and I will have conversations about our husbands – like most women do. Today we were talking about how they react when we have a lot of things going on in our lives. The remainder of my month is going to be pretty busy (as well as Audrey’s). All Mike said when I told him warned him was, “Oh well.” This week was a VERY busy week for my neighbor and she was looking forward to ordering in pizza for dinner tonight instead of cooking. However, her husband’s work schedule changed so he was going to be home for dinner which apparently meant she had to cook. I, of course, told her she should STILL order in pizza. She told me that as long as she sticks to her “dinner duties” she can keep to all her activities (even though some of them are for their kids). As soon as she starts slacking she worries he’s going to make her drop one thing from her schedule. I guess he wouldn’t like how I shout to Mike over my shoulder as I leave the house “there’s a frozen pizza in the oven…or grilled cheese for dinner.” Don’t feel totally bad for Mike, though. He DOES manage to get out of the house once in a while, too. After I told him my upcoming schedule he told me of an upcoming pheasant hunt. I’m sure he will also be busy conditioning Leo for “the hunt” as the season approaches.