floorDONEAfter what seemed like FOREVER (but was really only a few weeks) the wood floor installation in our family room is complete! The actuall floor installation only took about 2 days. This was preceded, however, by tearing up the carpet, pad and tack strips and was followed by a issues finding just the right trim and the stain color to match the existing trim. It’s FINALLY finished, though, and our cars are back in the garage. The completion of this project adds another to the list of home improvement projects Mike and I have taken on in the 15 years we’ve been together. This was the first big one done at our home in Iowa without the help of our Do-It-Yourself-Partners-In-Crime in Milwaukee. Home improvement projects just aren’t the same without them…the free “advice,” help, company on trips to the hardware store, and the celebration with many drinks when the job was done. With them we had accomplished:
1. installation of new vinyl flooring
2. kitchen demolition
3. wood picket fence
4. pergola construction & installation
5. new bathroom toilet & sink installation
6. ceramic tile floor
7. ceramic tile kitchen back splash