schoolsuppliesI didn’t enroll Audrey in her summer camp program for this week thinking it would be nice for her to have a little “break” before school starts on the 20th. Mike’s mom volunteered to watch Audrey for 2 days of the days she was off. She had started a tradition many years ago with Mike’s nephew (who is now 18 years-old) of buying school supplies for her him. When she asked if she could do this for Audrey I figured I’d be a fool to say no! This is the 2nd year Audrey & Grandma have gone Back-to-School shopping. I know I should try to place a limit on the amount she spends but also know that you can’t try to limit the amount grandparents spend on their grandchildren. Audrey came home with a new, un-needed but very appreciated Hannah Montana backpack, a new outfit AND a new gymnastics leotard in addition to all the school supplies on her list. Thank you, Grandma!