We spent a 3-day weekend at my mom & stepdad’s timeshare in Wisconsin Dells this weekend. It had only been a year-and-a-half since Mike & Audrey had been to the Dells but about 20 years for me! The weather wasn’t too great until the day we left (of course) but it was still nice enough to FINALLY get the Friday fish-fry I had been craving, go on a Dells Duck tour, do a little shopping and swim at the indoor pool near our villa. On our last night there, my mom & I went to the clubhouse to listen to some karaoke – NOT participate! We probably could’ve done better than the people that DID sing, though – unless the Keith Urban-wannabe-restaurant-manager was going to give it a go…which he didn’t.

Mike and I came home by ourselves. Today starts a 7-day vacation for Audrey with her Auntie Andrea, Uncle Bill and cousin Emily in Milwaukee. It’s a good thing I’m going to be very busy with work and volunteering at Vacation Bible School at church so I won’t miss her so much. I’m not sure if Mike will do as well as I will, though.