NOTVAudrey was complaining last night that she hadn’t watched any television all day long. Mike told her he bet she couldn’t go a whole day without watching TV. My daughter, the competitive, stubborn little girl that she is, said she could. Then Mike said they should have a contest to see who could go the longest without watching any television AT ALL! Mike offered to buy Audrey a new DS game if she won but she said she’d rather have a balloon. That was fine with me! If Mike wins, Audrey has to buy him a treat from Dairy Queen. After the deal was settled Audrey said, “too bad, Daddy. Now you can’t watch any football.” Smart girl because Mike just watched a replay of the Iowa vs. Penn State game last weekend…AND a couple of weekends before that! He said live football doesn’t start for a while – 6 weeks, I reminded him. He’s pretty sure the contest will be over by then.