We headed to our friend’s, the Oswald’s, house last night for the big Tiffin Fest parade. Tiffin is a small suburb of Iowa city with a population of less than 2,000. It was your typical small-town parade: a marching band, classic cars, fire trucks and my favorite: the Shriners! The Shriners zip around in their 3-wheelers in every Iowa City area parade and have been rained-out in 2 out of 3 parades for the summer. How great that the rain held off yesterday long enough for them to do their thing and for Audrey to come home with a bucket full of candy that wasn’t soggy!

After the parade we headed to the Tiffin Fest grounds where Audrey got her fix of bouncy houses and got a cool balloon hat. The rest of us enjoyed corn dogs, ribs, and awesome strawberry lemonade. There was also a country song cover-band. They sounded pretty good…especially since their sound check song was one by Keith Urban! Thanks, Jayne, for inviting us over to watch the parade from your front yard and for coming with us to enjoy all that Tiffin Fest has to offer afterwards! We had a great time!