My last post was about the mystery surrounding the details of the Bagolitas 4th birthday party. Last Friday night everything was revealed! I was picked up at my house at 4pm with a frozen margarita and jell-o shots waiting for me. We all met at Charlie’s for their Friday night drink specials and unlimited taco bar. This was followed by a few games of Bingo where I won my very own Babe bag! After Charlie’s we broke up into 2 teams and were given a list of 10 things to do/find for a scavenger hunt. Each team had to pick 5 of the 10 items. Some of the items were to gather and take a picture of 5 unrelated birthday party items, photograph the most expensive pair of shoes you could find, or finish a Sudoku puzzle or word scramble of previous Bagolita fabric combinations. We were also each given $5 to buy Wacky White Elephant gifts which we all exchanged at the end of the night. It was a long evening filled with fun activities and good times! Happy Birthday, Bagolitas!