bdaybagThis week marks the 4th anniversary of Bagolitas by Janice being born. I am fortunate enough to have been there for 3 1/2 of those 4 years. Every year we’ve had a birthday party of some kind. Usually at Janice’s house. Boy, was that first one a doozy! Well this year Janice has something different planned and no one except her knows exactly what. Everyone had little bags waiting for them on their desks this morning when we got to work. On it was a sign that said when we would be picked up Friday night, to wear casual clothing and to bring the contents of our bags with. What are the contents in my bag, you ask? It contains 5 ball-point pens from a local bank, 1 mechanical pencil, a pair of scissors and a roll of masking tape. Normally there are few secrets at Bagolitas due to the fact that no one has offices with doors that actually work or walls that go all the way to the ceiling. Janice is doing an excellent job of keeping everything top secret this time, though! Stay tuned for more details!