Last weekend was our much anticipated (by me, anyway) trip to Milwaukee. We made the required visit to Kopp’s for a hamburger and the best frozen custard in the world, which is still in my sister’s freezer, drove by our old house (the tree we planted in the front yard 10 years ago is now HUGE!), spent time visiting with Miss Emily who’s getting SOOO big and, oh, there was a little concert that Keith Urban played at Summerfest that we went to also. It was at Summerfest that I sampled the new beer by Lakefront Brewery and got my deep-fried Wisconsin cheese curds fix. Mmmm. We were also amazed at the size difference between the corn growing in Wisconsin and Iowa. Audrey passed the time during the long car ride by picking out shapes in the clouds and listening to Hannah Montana on my iPod. There wasn’t time for a Friday fish-fry but I did have some really good fish tacos at La Chimenea on Saturday night.