I didn’t get to work until 9:15 today. I wanted to let Audrey sleep in since she didn’t go to bed until late last night because we were up watching the Fun Days fireworks and has her first swimming lesson tonight. Then I went downstairs and found Leo had eaten Audrey’s new ponytail holder. It’s bright pink with a big bow on it that matches a headband that she also got. He just ate the bow part. The elastic and ribbon that held the bow on were still intact.  Of course that’s the one Audrey HAD to put it in her hair to match her headband so I tried to fix it with some other ribbon I had. Then she said she just wanted to wear the headband and that she just wanted me to fix her ponytail holder. Then she wanted me to pick her up early from daycare because she didn’t want to go on the bowling fieldtrip. Then she didn’t want to wear socks (which she had to do because she’s going bowling today and I knew if she just brought them along they’d be forgotten in her backpack). Then her tennis shoes didn’t feel comfortable with her socks on so I had her put on other shoes with socks. Still not comfortable, so I got her some thinner socks and made her put them on in the car. Then she said she hoped she got all the pins down at one time. She makes no sense.