handmedownAudrey has been nagging for some new clothes but her drawers are full of spring/summer clothes. Of course, what girl can ever have enough clothes? When I walked into work today my solution was waiting for me in the form of a giant bag of hand-me-downs. As some of you, my loyal blog readers know, there are a lot of Bagolita children ranging in age from 3-18. The majority are girls and aged 6-8 which is lucky for me when it comes to getting hand-me-downs in very gently-used condition. What better way to REDUCE my spending, and REUSE & RECYCLE good clothing? I picked through the pile and chose what I thought Audrey would like and brought home a pretty fair amount. She was SOOOO excited she decided to put on a new outfit which she says she’s also going to wear to school tomorrow. As long as she gets dressed without an argument it’s fine with me! She especially loves the vest which is something she’s been asking me to buy her for about a month. Thank you to Anita (daughter Sara) and Angie (daughter Ainsley) for the clothing! I’m bringing in my my own bag tomorrow for Kim (daughter Evelyn).