I have had problems with the customer service at Victoria’s Secret in the past. But I received a “free panty” certificate in the mail a few weeks ago and since I was at the mall already I decided I would redeem it. After all, it was free. A salesgirl immediately approached me and showed me the selection to choose from saying “the mediums are on the top but if you need a bigger size you can look through the drawers (no pun intended) underneath.” I looked at her and said thank you thinking “I don’t need a size other than medium but thank you for the information.” I found my free pair and decided I would look around for a summer nightgown. The one I managed to find that was thicker than tissue paper of course only came in S and XL. In the check out line there were 2 people in front of me, a disgusted and confused looking cashier, and 2 people behind me. Let me stress that there was ONE cashier. After waiting about 5 minutes (with Audrey who was tired, cranky and needing a snack) I glanced at my “free” panty to see that all of the items on the top shelf were NOT medium because I had managed to grab a large. So I got out of line, got the correct size and now was behind FOUR people with one still cranky and confused cashier. FINALLY a new cashier came up after, of course, she was asked to…not because she saw there were 5 people in line. When it was my turn she asked the default question of my ability to find everything I was looking for. I told her I couldn’t find a nightshirt in my size so she pretended to talk to someone on her little ear piece and ask if there were anymore, not ever giving me an answer. So I walked out of the store with my pint-sized pink Victoria’s Secret bag with my single “free” panty in it and took Audrey to the candy machines. All that work for a “free” panty. Afterwards we went to Kohl’s where I found a really cute summer nightgown for only $14.