A few weeks ago I noticed a chirping noise coming from the dryer vent in the “laundry room” and a few times even thought I heard the rustling of feathers in the duct work. Anyone who knows me knows I cannot tolerate birds being within 50 feet of myself. Not to mention the potential hazard of having wonderfully warm, dry grass in the dryer duct. This had to stop. The next nice day I asked Mike to get out the ladder and investigate. He pulled out 2 clumps of tightly packed dryer lint and a loosely packed bird’s nest (no babies). We put a little screbirdieen over the vent, put the cover back on and our problem was solved…free-loader evicted! Well, not really. Now we have a really upset sparrow (pictured here) chirping at our back door bright & early every morning and every afternoon demanding his toasty warm home back. Of course it also has been really cold and windy ever since he was removed from the premises. We quickly went to Menards and purchased 2 new bird feeders fully stocked with delicious bird fare. I even considered – for a few minutes – to buy a little bird house and post it somewhere in the backyard but I just can’t take the chance of it coming out and attacking me when I’m outside. Sorry, Birdie!