pikachu-flyingLast week a little boy in Audrey’s class gave her a Pokemon card during the bus ride home from school. I’m not sure if she knew anything about Pokemon or how to play with the cards. She just thought it was neat and liked it because of who gave it to her. A few days later I went to the resale shop in town and saw dozens of baggies with about 50 cards in each bag for only $1.99 so I picked up one set. Audrey was SOOO excited to get the cards and didn’t care that they were used and probably had no Pokemon value. She asked if she could bring them to school one day to play with during inside recess. I figured there was no harm with that so I agreed. When she got off the school bus she showed me her baggie and that she gave almost every single card away. I think she has 6 left. She said she gave one to each of her friends and some got two! My guess is she’s pretty popular among the kindergarteners in Mrs. Muhlenbruch’s class right now.