I got Mike a fancy Windows Mobile phone for Valentine’s Day. It was pretty cool. Lots of bells & whistles and he could update his Facebook status or email wherever he was! He decided yesterday that the ability to do that wasn’t worth the spex1extra dollars we were paying for the data plan so we went back to the store today and he traded it in for a cool slider phone with a full keyboard for all the texting he’s supposedly going to do now. Since my phone battery was lasting about 48 hours per charge I figured it was time for me to get a new phone too. The selection of red phones was pretty poor and it was pretty tough to find a phone that DIDN’T have mp3 playing capabilities. What do I need that for if I had an iPod that I only listen to at work anyway? So I got the little phone pictured in this post. No flip, slider or mp3 capabilities. And it only cost me a penny! I’m pretty sure it’ll last 18 months which will be the next time I can change phones with no fee at which time the battery will probably poop out again. In the meantime I have to figure out how to get my Keith Urban ringtone back! The salesperson emphasized the 30-day happiness guarantee and promised he wouldn’t say “I told you so” if I came back unhappy. What a nice guy.