No death, just taxes. No cause for alarm. This post is prompted by a notice I received in the mail today from the Iowa Department of Revenue. For anyone that knows me, I am far from a numbers person but someone I assumed responsibility of the household finances. Probably more of a control thing than a numbers thing. Anyway, it seems I forgot to include a refund received in 2005 as income on my 2006 taxes. We did have a lot to deal with that year uprooting our family and moving to Iowa and all. I guess that’s not an excuse though. So, I forget to report this refund as income 3 years ago and someone just got around to finding my error. Now I have to pay the taxes due on that refund PLUS interest since it’s been “due” for so long. I called the IDR office and the woman on the phone was very nice when I asked, “Let me get this straight: I overpaid on my taxes though the year so the IRS had my money free of interest. But when they refund it back to me I have to pay taxes on it?” Her only solution was to claim more exemptions to even everything out. Sure, whatever. I wonder if SHE gets a refund! You gotta love it, though. Who wants to move to Canada? I hear they got good hunting, fishing and snowmobiling up der, hey. Maybe I WON’T be doing our taxes this year. Anyone know a good, cheap accountant?