No, this isn’t Leo. It’s my precious little Lucy who went to puppy heaven one-and-a-half years ago. I was going lucythrough some of the hundreds of pictures on the computer trying to find a better picture of Mike to post as his profile pic on Facebook when I stumbled across it. I really do miss her a lot. This is one of the last pictures we took of her. It was taken June 1st (just a few days before we had to put her down because of a tumor in her spine). She was the best dog ever. Fast forward 4 weeks to the end of June: the day we brought Leo home. I found a really cute picture of Mike and Leo sleeping on the floor which I kindly decided not to post. So I managed to find a more suitable picture from that first week, along a picture from a few months ago. It’s still hard to believe Leo was that little. Almost as hard as it is to believe Audrey was as little as she was when we brought HER home (not that I’m comparing my daughter to a dog or anything).