dramaqueen<—— That’s Audrey’s new title. She’s really proven it in the last few days. This morning, for example, she was putting on her snowpants which I do have to admit they are a LITTLE small. I was really hoping that they would last through the end of the season but I don’t think that’s going to happen. So they ‘re a teeny bit snug in the crotch. The way Audrey acted this morning, however, you’d think they were much more than that. I offered to cut the bib part off and put in an elastic waistband. She said that everyone would make fun of her. So I offered to lengthen the straps immediately. This would mean missing the school bus and getting door to door service to school in Mommy’s car. No go. She wanted to ride the bus. The moment ended with Audrey falling to the floor and crying that her snowpants were way too uncomfortable to carry on with her day. After I got her outside she immediately played in the snow with the two neighbor boys. Last night Mike said he hoped this was just a phase and that it would end soon. I told him it would probably last until she’s 30. My neighbor is a little more optimistic, however, and thinks it’ll end at 25!