I know I haven’t posted lately but I haven’t had much to say…that and the fact that I’m not sure if anyone is even reading my posts haven’t really motivated me to write anything new. I DID, however, learn something new yesterday while watching a show on National Geographic television: In the Womb – Dogs. It was pretty graphic for a 6 year-old to watch but most of it went over Audrey’s head and didn’t stick between her ears so I’m not too worried. All she cared about was seeing the puppies come out at the end. Anyway, getting back to what I learned: dogs with red fur can tend to be a little high strung. Hello, Paco! 

On an unrelated subject, I also learned that Easy Bake Oven mixes CAN expire and when they do, do not even taste good to a 6 year-old sweet tooth.

If you’d like me to post on something specific, please leave a comment. Without comments, I really don’t know if anyone’s reading this! Thanks!