lollipopflwrsWith the entire week off last week I was able to finish 3 of the projects awaiting completion on my craft table (the actual number remains unknown). The first project to cross the finish line is a tryptich (3-piece) picture I painted with “borrowed” inspiration pjsfrom Uppercase Living:

The 2nd is a flannel-backed satin nightgown for Audrey. One of those rare instances where I bought the material before I had an intended use for it. A perfect example of why it should not be done because I ran out and had to do short sleeves instead of long. I don’t think Audrey minded, though:

stockingThe 3rd and final project I finished wass probably the longest running project in the works. The Christmas before Mike and I got married I made this needlepoint stocking for him. I didn’t put his name on it because I didn’t think it was necessary. After we had Audrey, I made a needlepoint stocking for her, too, but put her name on it. Being the OCD that I am, I decided to take Mike’s stocking apart so embroider “DAD” on it: