Betsy, my very best friend from Milwaukee, came to visit me last weekend. Actually, she came to visit her niece, too, and to drive her back home to Milwaukee for the Thanksgiving holiday. I was just a side stop. She spent Friday night with her niece (no details of that visit will be mentioned here). Then it was just us on Saturday. The night started out with a call from her at the exact time she was expected to pull into the driveway saying she thought she was in the twilight zone because she couldn’t find a house on my street with my number on it. So much for the Tom-Tom! After a debriefing session with Audrey we gathered our things and headed to the mall for a whirlwind shopping visit. Then it was off to Graze in downtown Iowa City for some food and our first 2 martinis of the night. (See the green, bubbly one pictured below…you CAN put dry ice in the bottom of a martini, Tim!) As if that wasn’t enough, I dragged Betsy to The Piano Bar for more libations. We were the first ones in the place but at 10:00 with a modest crowd Betsy’s request of Journey’s “Open Arms” brought down the house! The next day was spent recovering. Me on the recliner and Betsy driving 4 1/2 hours back to Milwaukee! Thanks for the great weekend, Betsy! By the way, my raspberry custard is gone. Can I schedule another delivery?