I had this really great invention made up for a pad in the bottom of Leo’s crate. Something he wouldn’t chew…and HADN’T chewed for almost 2 weeks. We went out for dinner and came home to find a hole chewed in the middle of it. I could TECHNICALLY say “it’s the longest-lasting dog bed Leo’s ever had.” Go ahead. Blame it on lack of exercise. I get home at 3:00 and run errands with Audrey and by the time we’re done it’s dark outside. Or, if I don’t have errands to run, Audrey just doesn’t want to walk with me. I left her with the neighbors the other day to play and that seemed to work out fine, but now that the weather’s turned colder they can’t play outside after school anymore. So, you could blame it on the weather too. It’s 7pm and pitch black outside right now. Guess I better find my flashlight and go for a walk!