Last Saturday Mike took me out for dinner for my birthday WITHOUT Audrey! We went to Konomi Sushi Restaurant in Coralville. It was the first time we had eaten there and I would definitely go back. For our appetizer we had “Ebi Fry:” shrimp coated with panko breadcrumbs and deep fried. Kind of like tempura but better! We also ordered some nigiri which included my favorite: BBQ eel, along with 3 different rolls: a Dragon roll which had shrimp tempura inside with BBQ eel on the outside and a Spicy White Tuna. DELICIOUS! I’m sure it was all very low calorie. Since dinner only took an hour we decided to go to the restaurant next door (Vesta) for a drink. I had a lemon meringue martini. I’m sure it also was VERY low fat. Sorry to say for our babysitter that we were only gone for 2 hours. We’ll just have to go out for another date night soon and try to stay out a little longer!