Audrey and I were running a little behind this morning. Seems like it’s become a regular thing so I suppose it’s not running behind anymore but right on time. In any case, as we approached the bus line one of the neighbor boys (Jake) came up to us with his winter jacket on and asked if we thought the furry edge around his hood made him look like a lion. I told him it made him look warm. His mom (Marge) added that it was perfect for the field trip to the pumpkin patch today. CRAP!! Was that today?!?!?!? I ran inside and got Audrey the first pair of gloves I was able to find and ran back outside to put them on her. Then I put on her hood…too tight. Next I ran inside to get a hat that I hoped would fit as the bus turned the corner to head down our street. Luckily, the hat fit…kind of. Audrey had it on for about 10 seconds before whipping it off so she could put her headband back on (despite the compliments on her hat from Ryan, Jake’s brother). I told her she needed to wear her hat on the field trip. Thank goodness for Marge. She’s accompanying the kids on the field trip today so maybe I’ll find out if Audrey actually wore her hat.