Six minutes. That’s the only thing that separates me from my twin sister. That and about 360 miles now that I live in Iowa. Two of my coworkers were having a conversation on how great it is to be a twin. Of course whenever I hear someone say this I groan and roll my eyes. I’m sure you can’t picture me doing that. My coworkers are both fraternal twins and maybe it’s because I’m identical that I groan. I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong…it isn’t HORRIBLE being a twin. It’s just that Andrea and I are IDENTICAL (as you can see by the pictures with our dad dated 1973 and 1990). We went through our whole lives (until 18 and in separate colleges) asked, “which one are you?” “are you sure it’s really you?” “how do people tell you two apart.” Someone even called us “twinnie” so he wouldn’t have to try to keep track of who he was really talking to. We were treated like we were one person for a very long time. So please forgive me if I have a little bit of an “identical” crisis. Since about 3rd grade we’ve taken pride in trying alter our appearances to only look like sisters and not twins. However, when your mannerisms, sarcastic tone and tastes are so much alike it’s hard to people to see you as anything BUT a twin. At least that’s one less birthday I’ll forget…19 more days!