A couple of weeks ago we ordered this playset for Audrey from Rainbow Play Systems. You know, the ones with the red, yellow and blue awnings. They had the best guarantee with the best designs and products. Well, come to find out they have the WORST customer service. When we needed to find out when our delivery date was going to be, WE had to call. When we had questions, we’d call and leave messages but no one ever returned our calls. Our delivery date was scheduled for today. They left a message on our home phone at 2pm yesterday saying they were going to have to postpone until Monday because of rainy weather and trucks breaking down. Try explaining that to a 5-year old. When I jokingly asked the man (Todd) on the phone what he would say, he had no comment except a groan or two. Maybe he had just taken a big bite of his dinner and had a mouthful of food and couldn’t talk. Who knows? We can’t wait until the playset gets here so we don’t have to deal with them again. You know me, I’ve already emailed their corporate offices (wherever they are) to communicate my “dissatisfaction” with their company.