My mom and step-dad came down from Milwaukee this weekend so Mike and I took advantage of the babysitting opportunity and headed out for dinner to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We went to Tuscan Moon in Kalona. It was literally in the middle of nowhere. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kalona, it’s one of those little towns in the middle of cornfields that you could miss if you look to change the radio station in your car. I think there’s one stoplight intersection. Right by the Casey’s gas station & convenience store.

Anyway, we both dressed fairly nicely for our special dinner. As we were headed to our seats on the patio, the group in front of us were dressed in cargo shorts and polo shirts. Oh well. I got a few looks but I figured it was because everyone recognized me from my modeling debut in the Bagolitas Fall/Winter 2009 catalog! On our way out the hostess (owner’s wife, I think) told me she LOVED my blouse!

As far as the food goes, it was pretty good. I ordered the rack of lamb (8 chops) with a baked potato and mixed vegetables. Mike ordered the tenderloin with risotto. We both had salads before hand which were also delicious. They both came with really good bread but there was no butter to spread on it. That was fine, though, because I used it to soak up the extra salad dressing. I was a little concerned, also, when there was no salt & pepper on the table. My food definitely didn’t need it, though. Everything was a little on the salty side. My baked potato came with an herb butter so no extra seasoning was needed there, either.

It was a good evening to eat good food on the patio, though…except for when the breeze blew just right and the faint smell of cow manure floated around us. That’s just part of the charm of eating outside in Kalona, I guess. Happy anniversary, honey!