Here is my niece, Maggie, with The Jonas Brothers! Her mom (my sister Becca) took her to a Jonas Brothers concert the night before she started 1st grade. What a mom! Not only did Maggie get to see the concert, she got an awesome photo op with them! Her favorite is Nick. She says he’s sensitive and cute. Thankfully Audrey doesn’t know who The Jonas Brothers are so we didn’t have to go. She’s still stuck on Troy and Gabriella. I can’t believe a 6 year-old can experience such a close encounter with celebrities!

It turns out, however, all is not perfect is the world of Miss Maggie. During her first day of 1st grade she discovered that most of her friends from Kindergarten were in the other 1st grade class. She was pretty upset. She got home to a little card from me and Audrey saying how much we missed her with a sticker of Gabriella (Maggie’s other celebrity obsession). Apparently it made her day so much that now she wants to come and live in Iowa to be closer to “The Aurdrey’s.”