Yesterday Audrey had a dentist appointment in the morning. Instead of sending her to school for a couple of hours I brought her in to work with me. She had a blast and even played Administrative Assistant by answering my phone once. Well, she picked it up when it rang and then hung up. Luckily it was Mike and not a vendor. He picked up Audrey from the studio at 1:30 and took her home so I could get some work done. He decided to take a nap and I found out Audrey took a nap as well…in her closet! I came home and found she had pushed her dresses to one side, set down a blanket and made a perfect little nest for herself.

Then, when I was putting Audrey to bed last night I noticed a rather large lump under her pillow. Audrey has put several things under her pillow in the past: a dog collar, books, and clothing items to name a few. I tried to pat the lump down thinking it was a stuffed animal but it was hard. I lifted up her pillow and found Leo’s Kong under it! For those of you who don’t know what a Kong is, it’s an incredibly hard rubber dog toy. The only kind that Leo has not been able to demolish. For whatever reason Audrey decided that it should go under he pillow. Only a 5 year-old would think that. I wonder if I’ll find anything tonight!