Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Audrey’s first day of kindergarten. It started out with Audrey getting to pick what she wanted for dinner Sunday night. Of course she picked the mall food court. When we got home she picked what she was going to wear and we packed her towel, a folder and a family picture in her backpack.

The morning of, Audrey got ready without any conflicts and couldn’t wait to go outside to wait for the bus. Actually, I don’t know if she was more excited about the bus or being able to play with Jake & Ryan for a few minutes! The bus pulled up and Audrey got on without looking back. I was kind of hoping she’d be a little hesitant but no chance. After the bus left Mike went to work and I went inside to paint my toenails before heading over to a neighbor’s house for “First Day of School Muffins and Mimosas.”

Audrey’s first day of school went really well. The was a little problem in the morning after the bus dropped them off. Audrey and Ryan weren’t sure where to line up but eventually found their way. Audrey said she was “lost for a really long time and almost cried” but then found a teacher and asked for help. That’s my girl! All of this was heavily outweighed by the fact that the Principal’s pooch was taken to each classroom and introduced to all the kids. Audrey said she got to pet it and it kissed her on her hand.