With Mike and Leo gone for the weekend, Audrey, Mei-Mei and I had the run of the house! We started out by exploring the Fossil Gorge (thanks for inviting us along, Angie) on Saturday morning. We saw a few fossils (plus an old shoe and a broken pair of eyeglasses) but Audrey was mostly excited to see her friend Ainsley’s dog, Cody (aka “Ratty”). I would post a picture of our adventure but the batteries in my camera went kaput before I could even take one shot!

Saturday afternoon Audrey had a birthday party to go to for our neighbor, Ryan, who turned five. There were tiki decorations, a pinata and yummy chocolate cake!

Saturday night we attempted a camp out in our backyard. The fun ended at 12:30am when I woke up to find Audrey sweating like a pig from the heat and humidity that was trapped in the tent – even with the little screen window open. Mei-Mei wasn’t too keen on sleeping in the tent, either, and was inside the house before Audrey even fell asleep. Audrey thought it would’ve been more fun if there were a campfire and friends over and I think I’d have to agree. We did have fun with just the three of us, though.

By Sunday afternoon Audrey started to miss her daddy a little but missed Leo A LOT! I suppose I did, too! Girls Only Weekend ended up going through Sunday night. Mike and Leo were so exhausted from THEIR weekend that they went to bed at 7:45!