A Fun Time with the Class of ’89

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I drove up to Merrill this weekend for my 25th High School reunion. I pulled into town just in time for the ceremonial Friday Fish Fry & old fashioned. Saturday morning my grandpa drove us out to Council Grounds State Park. The fall colors on the trees were amazing!

Fall colors on the Wisconsin River at Council Grounds State Park

Fall colors on the Wisconsin River at Council Grounds State Park

About 30 people came to the reunion (out of the 300 in our class). I was able to recognize some right away. Others, however, I couldn’t place until I saw their name tag. It HAS been 25 years, after all! We all showed pictures of our kids and talked about doing the “pull away” when we’re trying to read!

Class of '89 - 30 people were brave enough to show up out of the 300 from our class!

Merrill Senior High Class of ’89!

On Sunday before driving home, my sister and I went to church service at the church we went to growing up. It was funny how I recognized some of our friend’s parents right away! Of course we were greeted with “Oh look! It’s the twins!” It’s been a long time since I heard that but it was a little comforting. The service was nice and afterwards, Andrea and I surprised the pastor who didn’t recognize us at first!

We’re Home!


We moved into our new house on May 29th and have been unpacking and organizing our little hearts out! The change of address postcards have been sent out but here is a little slideshow of some pictures for those of you who haven’t stopped by to see our new place yet. It’s still a work in progress. By the time you get here, we’ll be done!

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The Price of Nostalgia

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Did you ever see something that reminded you of your childhood that you needed to have really bad? Even though it probably didn’t look that special to anyone else but you but knew you wouldn’t be able to have the original item because your mom is probably still using it? That’s how I felt when I saw this bowl at a resale shop in town last week. I carried it around while we were browsing then put it back on the shelf because we’re moving and I should be getting RID of stuff, not bringing more IN. Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and went back today and bought it for a whopping $3.99. All is now right with the world.

snack bowl


Treasure Hunt

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Audrey and I made the drive to Milwaukee last weekend for a mini Christmas celebration with some of my family. The day after we got there 8″ of snow fell leaving us with a little extra time to spend indoors at my mom’s. THAT meant hunting through the basement to see what goodies were still stored away there from my childhood. I was able to come away with a few goodies: a Battleship game (before they made it with noises and lights), a couple of puzzles (not pictured is my coveted Duran Duran puzzle), some Snoopy comic books, my Spirograph drawing kit and my still-unsolved Rubiks cube (also not pictured)! Thanks for saving all my crap, Mom!


‘Tis the Season

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In the past, to count down the days until Christmas I had a small wall hanging that looked like Santa with a long beard. It had a little wooden star that moved from pocket to pocket. Cute, but boring. This year, thanks to Pinterest, I made an advent calendar with small bags that held a little goody or activity card inside for each day. I found a free printable for the number stickers on Pinterest and the little bags were made with a Stampin’ Up trick I learned from my sister more than 15 years ago when she was a demonstrator. Why buy small paper bags when you can make them from envelopes you already have? Here’s what I came up with:

Envelopes in the red & green bushel basket that once held pine cones from Milwaukee with love.

Small paper bags in the red & green bushel basket that once held pine cones from Milwaukee…with love.

The 1st bag contained a card that said “Hug Mom and Dad.” Audrey was good and did what the card said and then exclaimed that it was the “worse card ever!” I think I would have to disagree with her!

Decorating Surprise

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I decided to make an Advent calendar for Audrey this year. My great idea had to take a little detour though, because I didn’t have a place to hang it. I did, however, have a green & red small bushel basket in the storage room that would do just fine (post coming soon). I dug out the basket and found a bunch of pine cones in it. There were come big pine cones on top from Jo-Ann’s which thankfully no longer wreaked of cinnamon. After taking those out of the basket, I found tons of itty bitty pine cones that I had used as basket filler one year. Ahh, the decorating that could be done when we didn’t have a cat…

Anyway, I quickly realized that these little pine cones were from when we lived in Milwaukee! I still remember bundling up in my winter coat and crouching under the giant tree on the front corner of our lot to gather as many non-crushed pine cones as I could. Of course now that these were uncovered, I had to find a nice place to put them on display!

pine cones

End Table Redo


I bought this end table for $7 at Goodwill:

Then I got out the $5 paint sample I bought at Lowe’s for my footstool project, some leftover scrapbook paper, Mod Podge and spray polyurethane and turned it into this:
table-afterI love it!

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